In-Dash 1-DIN DVD Receiver with Motorized 7" Widescreen Touch Display, USB Direct Control for iPod®/iPhone®, and Built-In Bluetooth®

  • DVD Video, DivX®, MP3/WMA/AAC Playback
  • iPod®/iPhone® Direct Control (CD-IU50V required)
  • Listen to Your Pandora Internet Radio Stations using an iPhone® with Pandora App


Suggested Price$839


The AVH-P6300BT is built for 1-din applications and features a 7" motorized touchscreen interface, built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free calling, and USB direct control for iPod®/iPhone®. The innovative user interface makes direct operation of the unit stress-free by eliminating complicated layered selection displays, so access to desired functions is smoother and simpler than ever. A variety of multimedia options ensures that you will be properly entertained. Customizable audio and video functions make it easy to suit your mood.




  • Direct Source Selection: Switch to another source simply by touching a desired source icon. You can access another targeted source instantly without defaulting back to the menu display.
  • USB Direct Control of iPod®/iPhone®: When an iPod® or iPhone® is connected to the AVH-P6300BT, you are able to touch the display to switch to the "List Search" display of each song, artist, or album. The "Link Search" function allows you to link to a song, artist, album, or genre based on the song you are currently listening to and the "Shuffle All" will begin to shuffle play the songs on your iPod.
  • Bluetooth® Mode Display: Quickly access the dial pad and Bluetooth® menu with one touch of the phone icon when a mobile phone is paired with the unit.
  • Audio Adjustments: Adjust the music to your liking with direct access to the 8-band graphic equalizer. If you are listening to compressed audio files such as MP3, WMA, and AAC files, simply turn on the Advanced Sound Retriever from the interface to improve sound quality.
  • APP Mode: View and listen to audio/video content from an iPod® or iPhone® directly from the AVH-P6300BT. Play YouTube™ and Quicktime® videos, stream Internet radio stations, and view app content on-screen that has 'video out' capability. The vehicle must be parked and the parking brake engaged in order to view video content on the receiver.


Quickly and effortlessly scroll through lists, search alphebetically (iPod only), fast forward through songs or video content by simply touching the screen and sliding your finger across the designated area.



  • Mix and Match Colors: Select among five colors (blue/red/amber/green/violet) for the display and 112 different colors to match the receiver illumination to your dash
  • Customizable Menu: Create shortcuts to access frequently used features in the menu display.
  • Full or Simple: You have the option of selecting "Full Operation Mode" for more controls or "Simple Mode" for basic operation.





Is your playlist played out? Tired of listening to the same songs on your local radio stations? Experience Pandora internet radio on the AVH-P6300BT by connecting an iPhone installed with the free Pandora app. Once the Pandora app is launched from the iPhone, you can control and enjoy the Pandora experience from the touchscreen interface of the receiver.

Pandora is personalized internet radio that is designed to help you discover new music that you'll love mixed in with music that you already know. For more information and to sign up for a free account please visit www.pandora.com.




The AVH-P6300BT is compatible with a multiude of audio and video formats form a variety of media.



Stay safe and obey local hands-free laws with built-in Bluetooth®. Easily pair a Bluetooth® device to the AVH-P6300BT without having to go through complicated settings. When a registered Bluetooth® device is in close proximity to the receiver, the auto connection function automatically pairs the two units. A 10-key dial pad is also available via the touchscreen interface.



Easily upgrade to navigation with the addition of the AVIC-U220 add-on navigation system. This versatile hideaway unit allows you you to switch to navigation mode with the touch of a button. Get to your destination by inputting an address or search through the POI library while enjoying whatever source is currently playing.



The AVH-P6300BT allows rear seat passenger to enjoy DVD or CD content via additional rear monitors and headphones, even while the front passenger and driver listen to audio from other sources or operate navigation (with AVIC-U220) simultaneously.


Audio/Video Quality


It is difficult to reproduce music well in a car because speaker positioning is constrained by interior space and other conditions. These limitations can lead to sound phase distortion, as well as speaker sound reflection against glass and absorption by dashboard and seats. Auto EQ tailors specific musical characteristics according to your taste, uses a microphone to monitor and analyze acoustics, then automatically fine-tunes all frequency bandwidths using front and rear speaker digital parametric equalization. CD-MC20 microphone is required (sold separately).



Unless a listener is perfectly centered in a car cabin, sound heard from some speakers will lag compared to the sound heard from other speakers. This result in unfocused soundstage and instable frequency characteristics. Sonic Center Control remedies this by adjusting frequency phase and acoustic characteristics by up to 15 steps, providing a clearer, focused soundstage.



Hear the detail, warmth and clarity, the way the artist intended it, from all of your highly compressed MP3 and WMA files stored on your USB device, iPod and portable media players. By restoring data (especially higher frequencies) that tends to get lost in the digital compression process, Pioneer’s Advanced Sound Retriever technology enhances audio reproduction nearly all the way up to 20 kHz frequencies.

  • 7"/16:9
  • QVGA (480x240)
  • 4 BGP, 3 BGV
  • 50 to 110 Degrees
Media Playback
  • 1
  • CD/DVD/USB/SD Card
  • CD/DVD/USB/SD Card
  • CD/DVD/USB/SD Card
  • GEX-P920XM required
  • CD-SB10 required (also requires SC-C1 SiriusConnect Universal Tuner sold separately)
  • GEX-P20HD required
  • 24 Stations/6 Presets
  • MOSFET 50 W x 4
  • 3 (4V)
  • 96 kHz/24-bit
  • 8-Band Graphic
Bluetooth®/iPod®/Apps/SD Card/USB
  • Built-In (HFP)
  • CD-IU51V cable required
  • iPhone®
  • iPhone®
  • Front
  • Front
  • External
  • 1 (Audio/Video)
  • 1
  • AVIC-U220 required
  • 5 Display Colors/112 Color Key Illumination
  • Menu
  • Rotary
  • Included
  • ND-BC20PA

    Parking Assistance with Style and Ease

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  • CD-SB10

    Sirius Bus Interface for Pioneer "SAT Radio Ready" Receivers

  • GEX-P20HD

    HD Radio™ Tuner for Pioneer "HD Radio Ready" Receivers

  • AVIC-U220

    Add-on Navigation System

  • ND-BC4

    Universal Rear-View Camera

  • CD-MC20

    Auto-EQ Microphone for Car DVD Receivers

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  • GEX-P920XM

    XM Digital Satellite Tuner for Pioneer "SAT Radio Ready" Receivers