AV Receiver

Suggested Price: $1,100.00

Wiring Configuration Setup (PDF Document)

Now your car is the ultimate drive-in theater. Combine the Pioneer AVM-P9000R with the XDV-P9 DVD player and you can experience movies in gut wrenching Dolby Digital/Pro Logic and DTS™ surround (5.1 Channel) sound. Even better, this headunit is also an extravagantly featured audio receiver, with a powerful tuner (Supertuner III™ with RDS), built-in equalizer (EEQ™) and power amplifier (MOSFET 45x6). It provides exceptional flexibility, allowing you to add multi-CD players and other components (IP-Bus System Control). Video features are equally astounding, with multiple video inputs and outputs (including optional navigation system and TV tuner). Most welcome, may be the new Pioneer Virtual Theater GUI (Graphical User Interface), which takes full advantage of an easy-to-use 3D virtual reality-style system and gives you complete control of your system.


  • 5.1-Channel Multi Sound Reproduction Capability
    • Built-in Dolby Digital (AC-3)/DTS/Dolby Pro Logic Decoder
    • 6-Channel DAC & 6-Channel DSP
    • New Digital Sound Field Control (SFC) for Multi-Channel Sources (Musical/Drama/Action/5D Theater)
    • MOSFET45 (45Wx6-Channel High Power)
  • Optimum Sound Reproduction for Car Environment
    • New Rear Positions
    • Cabin-EQ (Sedan/Wagon/Mini-Van/SUV/Custom/Off)
    • Cabin-EQ Expert (P-EQ/Time Alignment/Level)
    • Optimum Downmix for Normal Speaker Layout
  • EEQ™ Performance Chip
    • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer
    • Easy EQ (EEQ™) Switches 5 Factory, 1 User EQ Presets (Super Bass, Powerful, Natural, Vocal, Flat, Custom)
    • Selectable Loudness Control (Low/Mid/High/Off)
  • Pioneer Virtual Theater Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Easy Control & Confirm in Full-Color Virtual-Reality World Graphics
    • Spectrum Analyzer & Level Indicator
  • Supertuner III™
  • 24-Station/6-Button (18 FM/6AM) Presets
  • IP-Bus System Control:
    • 6 & 12 Multi-CD Players
    • Component Single-CD or –MD Players
    • DVD Player
    • TV Tuner (GEX-P7000TV)
    • Voice Commander (CD-VC50 & CD-VC60)
  • AV Inputs & Outputs
    • 6 RCA Preouts (FR+FL+RR+RL+Center+Subwoofer)
    • Optical Digital Input for AC-3/DTS/Linear PCM
    • RGB Output for Front Display or Optional TV Tuner
    • Video Source Output(RCA-type, NTSC Video & L +R Audio) for Rear Display
    • Video Source Output(RCA-type, NTSC Video & L +R Audio) for Add-on Game Consoles, VCR’s and Others
    • Video Input for DVD (NTSC Video)
  • Audio/Video Independent Selector for Front Display
  • Independent Video Selector for Rear Display
  • New Wireless Slim Remote Control