GPS Cycle Computer
2.2” Color Touch-screen LCD Cycle Computer

  • Built-in GPS, Barometer and Themometer
  • 6 programmable screens views with 16 screen configurations
  • 6 different bike profiles for tracking your different bikes
  • Display any of 86 different attributes
  • Mini USB for easy uploading of ride events to Strava™ & TRAININGPEAKS™


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Screen Size 2.2
Resolution 320 x 240
Touchscreen Color LCD Semi-Transparent Resistive Membrane
Glove Control Yes
Versatile "Touch" Screen Configurations Yes
Numeric Display Yes
Graphic Force Vector Display *1 Yes
Graphic Torque Display *1 Yes
Graphic Histogram Display *1 Yes
Graphic Scatter Chart *1 Yes
Graphic Realtime CP Display *1 Yes
Skin Select Yes
ANT+ Yes
Thermometer Yes
Barometric Pressure Yes
Altimeter Yes
Date Yes
Clock time Yes
Timer Yes
Distance Via Built-In GPS or Outboard ANT+ Speed Sensor
Speed Via Built-In GPS or Outboard ANT+ Speed Sensor
Cadence ANT+ Cadence Sensor Required
Heart Rate ANT+ Hear Rate Monitor Required
Calories ANT+ Hear Rate Monitor Required
Temperature Yes
Atmosphere Yes
Altitude Yes
Grade Yes
Lap Count Yes
GPS Coordinates Yes
Independent L/R & Total Power *1 Yes
Independent L/R & Total Power Loss *1 Yes
Independent L/R Force Direction *1 Yes
Independent L/R Torque *1 Yes
Independent L/R & Total Pedaling Efficiency *1 Yes
Independent L/R Torque Effectivenes *1 Yes
Independent L/R Pedal Smoothness *1 Yes
Accumulated Stress *1 Yes
Work *1 Yes
Total Power *2 Yes
L/R Power Balance *2 Yes
L/R Power Averages *2 Yes
Power % of FTP *2 Yes
Torque Effectivenes *2 Yes
Pedal Smoothness *2 Yes
Cadence *2 Yes
nPower *2 Yes
Intensity *2 Yes
Interval Intensity *2 Yes
Power watts/kg *2 Yes
Power Zone / Level *2 Yes
Zero Calibration Yes
History Viewer Yes
5 Pageset Select Yes
Pageset Edit Yes
6 Screen Scroll Yes
14 Screen Layouts Yes
Bike Select 6 Bike Profiles
Bike Profile & History Yes
Rider Profile Yes
Auto Pause/Resume Yes
Trigger Threshold Yes
Logging Interval Yes
Reminder Yes
GPS Speed On / Off Yes
Battery Display Yes
Sound On / Off Yes
Display Adjust Brightness / Contrast / Calibration
Altitude Calibration Yes
Language Select Dutch / English / Spanish / French / Italian / Netherlands / Japanese
Date & Time Yes
Units miles/km, ft/meter, fahrenheit/celsius, lb/kg
Setting Manager Initialize/Backup/Resore
Firmware Update USB
Flash Memory 8GB
Extreme Temperature Range Yes
5V DC Power Supply Yes
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Yes
Max Operating Time 12 Hrs
Fast Charge 3 Hrs
Normal Charge 4 Hrs
Mini USB Connector & Cable Yes
IPX6 Water Resistance Yes
Dust and Vibration Resistance Yes
Weight 126g
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 70 X 85 X 21.5
Warranty 2 years
Accessories Handlebar bracket, USB cable, safety strap, users manual, warranty