Pedaling Monitor Sensor

  • Dual leg crank based power meter and pedaling monitor system
  • Compatible with Shimano DuraAce™ 7900 & 7950 crank sets
  • Measures left and right leg pedaling force direction, applied power, power loss and efficiency
  • 12 point magnetic ring attachments insure the most accurate data transmission
  • Durable all weather construction with IPX6 water resistant certification


Dual Leg / 12 points Analysis / Crank-arm power measurement 

Most power meters available today are designed to only measure total power, a “mono” approach to obtaining an individual’s power production capability. However, in order to achieve maximum performance, effort and rhythm from both legs (“stereo”) is extremely crucial. With dual strain gauges (one on each left/right crank arm), Pioneer provides independent power data from both legs transmitted 12 times within each pedaling rotation. And, to further differentiate itself from other power meters available today, Pioneer not only measures raw power, but also other essential parameters necessary for improving performance including where in the pedal rotation power is being applied, the torque and force angle of the pedal stroke, as well as power deficiency within the stroke.

The dynamic information from the monitors is transmitted via a special ANT+™ stream so it can be graphically illustrated in real time on Pioneer’s customizable high-resolution cyclocomputer.

SGY-PM900H79 installed on Dura-Ace 7900 crank set.