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Professional Multi Player


Professional Multi Player


Performance Digital Multi Player


Performance CD/MP3 Turntable


Performance Multi Player


Professional Tabletop Multi Player


Professional Multi Player


Professional DVD Video Player

DVJ-1000 - Refurbished

DVD/CD/MP3 Turntable - Save by buying refurbished

DVJ-X1 - Refurbished

DJ Audio/Video Turntable - Save by buying refurbished

Platinum Limited Edition System

Professional Multi Players and 4-channel Professional DJ Mixer

Common CD / DVD / Media Players Questions

  1. What is the "driver software"?
  2. Tell me the MIDI connection specifications.?
  3. What is the driver software??
  4. Can I create or modify the playlists directly on the CDJ Player?
  5. Can Pacemaker Editor be controlled with the CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900?
  6. When I connect three or more USB devices, including the CDJ-400, to my computer, it quits outputting sound and stops working altogether?
  7. What can be done with a Pacemaker by itself?
  8. Can the angled screen be moved up or down?
  9. For some tracks, playback starts in the same place even when I change the auto cue level?
  10. I don't know how to install and uninstall the driver software.?
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