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Professional Multi Player


Professional Multi Player


Performance Digital Multi Player


Performance CD/MP3 Turntable


Performance Multi Player


Professional Tabletop Multi Player


Professional Multi Player


Professional DVD Video Player

DVJ-X1 - Refurbished

DJ Audio/Video Turntable - Save by buying refurbished

Platinum Limited Edition System

Professional Multi Players and 4-channel Professional DJ Mixer

Common CD / DVD / Media Players Questions

  1. How is the driver software installed and uninstalled?
  2. "REMAIN" (the remaining time display) does not appear on the playing address display.?
  3. What sort of formats are supported for USB memory devices and USB hard disks??
  4. What are the MIDI connection specs?
  5. The disc is not ejected when I press the EJECT button?
  6. Does the CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900 support FLAC ?
  7. Can I connect a USB keyboard to the CDJ?
  8. Does the CDJ900 display have a waveform?
  9. Operation is sometimes slow when browsing.?
  10. Are m3u playlists supported??
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