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Common CD / DVD / Media Players Questions

  1. How can I quickly search through the massive amounts of music I have on my drive?
  2. Is a separately sold sound card required to connect other brands of DJ software to the CDJ-350??
  3. The USB memory device or USB hard disk is recognized on the computer, but not on the CDJ?
  4. A long time is required to load a USB device (flash memory device or hard disk).?
  5. When other vender's DJ software is used with CDJ-2000 or CDJ-CDJ-900, is additional soundcard required ?
  6. I have adjusted LOOP END to the short side and am using this as an effect, but the sound is different from the CDJ-1000MK3?
  7. Previous DJ players were called "CD players", so why is this product called a "multi-player".?
  8. The sound seems distorted when I change the tempo while the master tempo function is on. Is this a malfunction??
  9. "USB FULL" is displayed and memory cue registration is not possible even though there is free space on the USB memory device or USB hard disk?
  10. What is the tempo adjustment range??
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