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Professional DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer With Effects


Professional Standard Mobile DJ Mixer


Standard Mid-Range Professional Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer for Serato DJ

Platinum Limited Edition System

Professional Multi Players and 4-channel Professional DJ Mixer


Professional Audio/Video Mixer

Common Mixers Questions

  1. Channel 1 in the DJ section can be used as the mic input. Can it be used for the same functions (effect, talk over, etc.) as the two in the MC section?
  2. What are this product's features What types of users is it designed for?
  3. For Mac: The message "You must input the administrator's name and password" appears and the driver cannot be installed.?
  4. Is this unit supported on 64-bit operating systems?
  5. Sound played on the computer is not output from this unit.?
  6. Even when no sound is being input to the microphone (MIC) terminal, the talkover function is sometimes activated and the master sound gets low.?
  7. I have connected the DJM-5000 to a CDJ using digital connections and connected the control cord, but fader starting does not work.?
  8. Effect sounds cannot be monitored even when the BEAT EFFECTS - CUE button is pressed.?
  9. Is there a balanced connector??
  10. Can the digital sound of a DVD player be input?
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