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Professional DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer


2-Channel DJ Mixer With Effects


Professional Standard Mobile DJ Mixer


Standard Mid-Range Professional Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance Digital DJ Mixer


4-Channel Performance DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer


Professional DJ Mixer for Serato DJ

Platinum Limited Edition System

Professional Multi Players and 4-channel Professional DJ Mixer


Professional Audio/Video Mixer

SVM-1000 - Refurbished

Audio/Video Mixer - Save by buying refurbished

Common Mixers Questions

  1. When recording on USB devices, the recording level stays constant even when [MASTER LEVEL] is adjusted. Is this by design??
  2. What are the dimensions and weight of the package?
  3. I connected the DJM-5000 to a CDJ by control cable, but the fader start function does not work.?
  4. The LFO FORM (WAKE UP) button's LED indicator is flashing. What does this mean?
  5. Power supplied when in Standby Mode??
  6. Digital sound cannot be output.?
  7. Are there terminals supporting balanced type inputs/outputs?
  8. Sound skips when using the USB sound card (audio interface) function.?
  9. Output sound is low or too high when digital signals are input.?
  10. I think that generally speaking the TRIM control should be adjusted watching the channel level indicator for a maximum indication of about 0 dB. Why does the indicator go up to +10 dB? From what dB setting does the output sound begin to distort?
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