Elevating Stereo Clarity


    Handcrafted by a master craftsman in Japan, the SE-MASTER1 offers professional grade audio clarity, with more depth through each note.

    Audiophile grade headphones that have been carefully designed to reignite your passion for music.


portable, Premium Sound

  • SE-MS7BT

    Wireless headphones for optimum high-resolution sound including aptX, it is the perfect sidekick for work, play or travel.
  • SE-CH9T

    A premium dynamic in-ear headphone delivering immersive Hi-Res Audio while restoring a sense of spaciousness to your music.
  • SE-CH5BL

    High-performance headphones featuring a 2.5 mm (2/16˝) stereo connector for Balanced Audio Output.
  • SE-MHR5

    Perfect for budding audiophiles and enthusiasts with intensified playback providing deeper tones and more dynamic volume.


Quality Sound Striking style

Don’t skimp on sound quality to accommodate an on-the-go life. Pioneer’s lifestyle headphones are perfect for watching videos and listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts. With a variety of compact and affordable models that appeal to just about anyone.