Price: $579.00


  • AIR Studios Sound Tuning to ensure music is reproduced as near to the original as possible
  • Twin Wolfson® Digital to Analog Converters guarantee the most subtle music detail reproduction and delivers enhanced linearity, dynamic range and distortion-free response
  • Legato Link PRO ensures minimum phase shift across the entire audible frequency band
  • The SACD DSD Single-Chip Decoding in the PD-D9 reduces the digital circuitry signal path length, creating brilliant noise-free sound. An extremely stable, high performance Low-Jitter crystal oscillator circuit serves as a highly precise master clock for sound reproduction
  • Equipped with an aluminum front panel and an original professional readout mechanism with smooth loading
  • Pure Audio listening mode switches off the digital circuitry and display for a clean and detailed analogue sound reproduction
  • Finely selected high-grade parts in order to reproduce music in its purest form
  • TAOC Insulators provide added weight, stability and shielding for the ultimate sonic performance
  • Sampling Rate Converter for higher resolution digital processing
  • Twin Toroidal Transformers for higher resolution digital processing
  • Isolated Power Supply Blocks insure each section of the player has its own power source to be shielded from electromagnetic interferences
  • High Quality Pin Jack for the best possible connections with no signal loss
  • Professional Level Build Quality
    • Rigid Underbase Construction
    • Aluminum Side Panels and Top Plate
    • Rigid Laser Mechanism Cover


  • SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA Playback