• 70W Per Channel x 2


  • Symmetrical, Dual Mono Amplifier and Power Supply Construction
  • Dual Toroidal Based Mechanically Isolated Power Supply for Fast Response and Low Noise
  • Adoption of a Schottky barrier diode, a majority carrier device. This gives it tremendous advantages in terms of speed. The Schottky diode also has a much higher current density than an ordinary diode making the diode ideal for use in power supply applications
  • Class A/B Amplifier Stages featuring LAPT Output Transistors. LAPT output transistors are high-speed output transistors that operate over an extremely broad frequency range and produce minimal distortion even when handling large amounts of current
  • Ultra Rigid Honeycomb Chassis Construction
  • Sound Retriever Technology for Enhanced MP3/AAC File Playback
  • Curved Profile Brushed Aluminum Front Fascia
  • Large Gold Plated Multi-Way Binding Posts
  • Air Studios Audio Tuning


  • USB Input
  • XM® Satellite Radio Ready*
  • MM/MC Phono Input
  • AM/FM Tuner

*XM Connect-and-Play antenna and subscription service (each sold separately) required to receive XM and XM-HD Surround Radio.


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