Network Media Stereo System featuring iPod connectivity and XM & Sirius Satellite ready

Go beyond sound as you know it. Go beyond technology as you’ve ever experienced it before. Enter the world of Pioneer Elite®. A world dedicated to the pursuit of pristine audio. A world where advanced technology performs in perfect harmony with outstanding sound quality. A world where AIR Studios™ Sound Tuning ensures music is reproduced, as close to its original sound as possible. It’s a world so unbelievably crisp, so undeniably clear and so completely pure, it will change the way you listen forever.

Open your eyes and prepare your ears for a world so new your senses will need to adapt in ways never before imagined. Where SACD, CD, AM/FM and Phono stereo capabilities combine with an iPod® connection, XM® and Sirus® Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, streaming PC Audio and USB connection from your portable MP-3 or thumb-drive, to deliver music performances and audio experiences unlike anything you’ve ever heard or felt before.

Discover the world of the X-Z9 network media stereo system. A world where Audiophile class D parallel amplification, meticulous build quality, reference level speaker performance and advanced 21st century digital technology bring high quality music entertainment straight into the digital age of your private music listening experience.

It’s a whole new world of music and the X-Z9 will bring it to you like never before…


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