Suggested Price: $4,500.00

Our flagship VSX-49TXi has been upgraded with an i.Link digital interface-a world's first-to handle multi-channel DVD-A, SACD, and other digital audio signal transmissions between a DVD player and receiver. The benefit: unmatched audio processing, using ONE wire. The VSX-49TXi meets LucasFilm's THX® -Ultra2 requirements for audio playback of all multi-channel and movie formats (including precise 8-channel audio) and processing of all wide-bandwidth signals (like HDTV) with no picture degradation. For easy, accurate system setup, an advanced version of our Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit (MCACC) evaluates a room's environment and calibrates output accordingly. The VSX-49TXi includes a large LCD touch-panel remote control and the Elite two-year warranty.