Super Audio CD Player

Go beyond sound as you know it. Go beyond technology as you’ve ever experienced it before. Enter the world of Pioneer® Elite®. A world dedicated to the pursuit of pristine audio. A world where advanced technology performs in perfect harmony with outstanding sound quality. A world where AIR Studios™ Sound Tuning ensures a musical score is reproduced as near to the original as possible. It’s a world so unbelievably crisp, so undeniably clear and so completely pristine, it will change the way you listen forever.

Brace yourself for an Audio CD Player unlike anything you have ever experienced before.
Introducing the Elite PD-D6-J.

Never before has so much passion, performance and technology been packed into such an impressive looking machine. But be warned, once you spend some time with this Super Audio CD Player, you won’t be able to take your ears or your eyes away from it. Equipped with an aluminum front panel and original professional readout mechanism with smooth loading and extremely stable high performance, low-jitter crystal oscillator circuit for unbelievable sound reproduction, the PD-D-J looks as exquisite as it sounds.

Designed with an SACD DSC Single-Chip Decoding to create brilliant noise-free sound and Twin Burr Brown® digital/analog converters to deliver the most subtle music detail reproduction and enhanced linearity, the PD-D6-J will instantly transform your home into the ultimate sound studio. Built with Legato Link RO to ensure minimum phase shift across the entire audible frequency band and pure audio listening mode for clean, detailed analogue sound, the PD-D6-J delivers a home audio experience unlike anything that ever existed before.

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