Includes Ulead software to create videos, burn music, and archive data

  • DVD-R/+R/-RW/+RW and CD-R/RW
  • 4.7 to 8.5 GB single/dual layer
  • Includes Ulead® software

DVD DVD-R/DVD+R (4.7GB Single Layer), DVD-R/DVD+R (Dual/Double Layer), DVD-RW/DVD+RW
CD CD-R 700 (type 80), 650MB (type 74), CD-RW, Highspeed CD-RW, Ultraspeed CD-RW
DVD DVD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO (single & dual layer), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R (single & double layer), DVD+RW & DVD-RAM
CD CD-ROM (Mode1 & 2), CD-ROM XA, CD-DA (CD Audio), Video CD, PhotoCD (single/multi-session), CD EXTRA, CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW
ATAPI Interface ATAPI device (ATA-5 & SFF-8090 Ver 5)
IDE Data Transfer Mode PIO Mode 4, Multi Word DMA Mode 2, Ultra DMA Mode 2, and Ultra DMA Mode 4 (Ultra DMA 66)
Audio Interface Analog Audio Output
DVD-R 16x, 12x, 8x, 6x, 4x, 2x, 1x
DVD - RW 6x, 4x, 2x, 1x
DVD + R 16x, 12x, 8x, 6x, 4x. 2.4x
DVD + RW 8x, 2.4x
DVD + R (Double Layer) 8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x
DVD - R (Double Layer) 8x, 6x, 4x, 2.4x
CD - R 40x, 32x, 16x, 10x, 4x
CD - RW 32x, 24x, 20x, 16x, 10x, 4x
DVD-ROM (Single) Max 16x CAV
DVD-ROM (Dual) Max 12x CAV
CD-ROM Max 40x CAV
CD-R Max 40x CAV
CD-RW Max 32x CAV
CD-DA (DAE) Max 40x CAV
CD-DA Max 9.3x CAV
Video-CD Max 9.3x CAV
Average Access Time (CD-ROM) 120 msec
Average Access Time (DVD-ROM) 130 msec
Average Seek Time (CD-ROM) 130 msec
Average Seek Time (DVD-ROM) 130 msec
Data Buffer 2 Mbytes
Mounting Orientation Horizontal and Vertical
Dimensions (inches) 5-27/32 x 1-11/16 x 7-3/32 (WxHxD)
Dimensions (mm) 148 x 42.3 x 180 (WxHxD)
Weight 2.2 lbs