Elite BD-Live Blu-ray Disc® Player

  • BD-Live Compliant with 1GB Internal Memory and USB Expansion with HDD Support
  • PQLS for Jitter-Free 2-Channel and Multi-Channel Playback.
  • 48-Bit Deep Color
  • 7.1-Channel Analog Outputs
  • Audiophile Capacitors
  • RS-232C Port


Suggested Price: $599.00

In the constant pursuit of faithful audio and video reproduction, the Elite BDP-23FD undeniably stands alone.

It begins with state of the art technologies that deliver an unrivaled 1080p picture with True 24fps. The BDP-23FD also includes the benefit of our multi-channel Precision Quartz Locking System (PQLS). This near jitter-free transmission operates between the Blu-ray Disc player and a multi-channel PQLS-equipped Pioneer receiver by synchronizing both components’ digital clocks for optimal audio playback.

The BDP-23FD also features an Advanced Picture Control Suite allowing you to tailor your video signal with up to 48-bit Deep Color perfection. Built-in Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD® Master Audio decoders assure you that the ability to reproduce pristine high-definition audio was not overlooked. And with 1080p DVD upscaling ability, it’s not just your Blu-ray disc titles that will benefit.

Also, an RS-232C connection expands the custom installation features of an already full-featured Blu-ray Disc player.

And this is all just part of the story.

With 1GB of internal memory, a USB terminal with HDD support and the ability to enjoy BD-Live features right out of the box, the BDP-23FD’s playback capabilities become quite expansive. And with 7.1 outputs powered by 4 Burr-Brown® Audio DACs and new audiophile capacitors, prepare to be entertained to perfection.

For more information, please download our latest product brochure now available through the ‘Documents’ tab.



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