Suggested Price: $499.00

WMA Playback Yes
MP3 Playback Yes
JPEG PhotoViewer Yes
Advance Disc Navigator Yes (before finalization in Video mode)
Seamless Playback Yes (but not in Video mode)
CM Skip/Back (Commercial Skip/Back) Yes
Chase Play, Playback with Recording Yes (not in Video mode)
1.5x view (scan 1) Yes
DVD-R Yes (Video mode only)
Max. Recording Time - DVD FINE:+/-1 H, SP:+/-2 H, LP:+/-4 H, EP:+/-6 H, MIN:+/-1 - 6 H (32 steps) Auto: Automatically with disc residual quanity
Maximum number of titles 99
Precision Recording Technology Yes
Liquid Crystal Tilt Mechanism Yes
Variable Bit Rate Recording Yes
Easy Timer Recording Yes
VCR Plus+ Yes
Closed caption Yes
One-touch Recording Yes
Number of Timer Events 32/month
Linear PCM Recording (Audio) Yes (FINE, MN32)
Input Disc Name/Title Name Yes
Easy Title Input (like Mobile Phone) Yes
Wall paper samples (title Menu: 9-style) Yes (Video mode only)
Erase Title Yes
Chapter Edit Yes (but not Video mode)
Play List Yes (VR mode only)
Accuracy HDD Frame
Accuracy DVD Frame/Title(VR mode)
Chapter Mark HDD/Video mode (user-defined) and VR mode (10 min./15 min. no separation)
Erase Section Yes (not in VR mode)
Undo Yes
Copy list (Dubbing List) Yes
Progressive Scan Yes
Digital Noise Reduction Component Frame DNR
Video DAC 10-bit/54MHz
3D Y/C Separate Yes
Digital TBC Yes
Picture Creation Yes
Disc Backup Yes
Auto Replace Recording Yes
Resume (by Title) Yes
Recovery Recording Yes
Disc History Yes
Auto Clock setup Yes
Set up Navigator Yes
Auto Scan Channel Preset Yes
VHF 2-13ch
UHF 14-69ch
CATV C1-C125ch
Input AV 3(front:1)
Input S-Video 3(front:1)
Output AV 2
Output S-Video 2
Output Component Video 1
Output Digital Optical
DV Terminal (IEEE1394) IN/OUT
SR Control Input Yes
Power Requirements AC120V/60Hz
Power Consumption 26W
Power Consumption in Standby Mode .42W (Display off)
Remote Control Yes