Suggested Price: $799.00

Once you record TV shows or home movies to this unit’s big 80GB hard drive, you’ve got great editing and playback options: Store programs and keep them indefinitely. Delete them after viewing to free up disc space. Edit your home movies and set up menus, wallpaper, and playlists. Or, you can burn content to DVD at high speed. Disc Backup even lets you make a direct file transfer of a home-movie DVD to the unit’s hard drive, and from that make perfect copies of your original DVD for all of your family and friends—at blazing speed. The amazing Chase Play feature lets you watch your favorite TV show from the beginning after you’ve already begun recording it. The DVR-520-S also features full-motion thumbnails with sound and a built-in TV tuner, and plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and WMAs.


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