Bluetooth wireless
for audio lovers

Untether yourself with Pioneer’s SE-MS7BT wireless over-the-ear headphones. Featuring a large driver for optimum high-resolution sound including aptX, it is the perfect sidekick for work, play or travel.


high-resolution sound

The all new SE-MS5T over-the-ear headphones deliver crisp, powerful high-resolution audio with extra plush ear pads to make them feel just as good as they sound.


Stimulate your senses

Meet the newest addition to the Pioneer High-Definition lineup. Comprised of our most advanced playback technology, digital noise elimination construction, and two microSD slots for additional storage, the XDP-300R gives listeners the complete flexibility to match with their preferences.


Every year, hordes of early-adopters, audiophiles, tech-heads, and industry leaders converge in Las Vegas to see and experience the hottest products and technology for the coming year. This year, Pioneer Home Audio is showing the latest technology that goes beyond the traditional home theater, putting top-quality audio where its listeners are.

Live from the Pioneer showroom


More than a speaker

The FS-EB70 speaker bar system packs capabilities previously available in large-scale home theaters into a single cable connected to your TV. The built-in immersive audio technology allows for sound to be placed above and behind you, providing a breathtaking three-dimensional experience.