Authorized Pioneer & Elite Dealers

For the following eligible models:

Pioneer AV Receivers: VSX-S520, VSX-1131, VSX-831, VSX-531
Elite AV Receivers: SC-LX901, SC-LX801, SC-LX701, SC-LX501, VSX-LX301, VSX-LX101
Theater Systems: FS-EB70, SP-SB23W, SP-SB03, HTP-074
Pioneer Speakers: SP-BS22-LR, SP-FS52, SP-C22, SP-T22A-LR, SP-BS22A-LR, SW-10, SW-8MK2
Elite Speakers: SP-EBS73-LR, SP-EFS73, SP-EC73, SW-E10
Mini Stereo Systems: X-HM76, X-CM56B, X-CM56W, X-HM26, X-EM26
2-Ch Components: SX-S30, XC-HM86, PD-10AE, A-20
Pioneer Turntables: PL-30, PL-990

Please contact the dealer before visiting to ensure the product is readily available in your location.