Suggested Price: $14,500.00

High Definition Resolution Wide XGA Resolution (1280 x 768p)
16:9 Aspect Ratio Yes
Advanced PureCinema With 3:3 Pull Down Converts All Signals to 768P First Plasma Capable of 72 Hz Display
ACE II (Advanced Continuous Emission II) True 10-bit Gray Scale/1024 Levels Ability to Display Over 1 Billion
PureDrive All Video Signals Processed in the 10-bit Digital Realm Only One A/D Conversion - No Other Unnecessary D/A or A/D Conversions
Pure Color Filter More Accurate Color Than Any CRT
Ultra Bright 1,000 Cd/m2
Deep Encased Cell Structure Yes
Adjustable Color Temperature 3 Settings w/ 6500 Degrees
Multi Picture Window P-I-P Or Split Screen With Any Source (NTSC, HD, PC)
HDMI Connections Yes
IEEE-1394 Digital Interface Yes
Component RGB w/BNC Connectors Yes
Integrated ATSC Tuner Yes
3 Dimensional Y/C Separation Yes
Energy Star Compliant Yes
Includes Plasma Panel, Media Receiver, Speakers, Swivel Stand, Smart Remote And 3 Meter Digital Connection
10 Meter Digital Connection Cable Yes
Flush Mount Wall Bracket PDWB-5003-PA
Tilt Mount Wall Bracket PWM-503-PA
Antenna Input VHF x 3 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
Antenna Output VHF x 2 (75 ohms Unbalanced F connector)
HDMI Input 2 (with HDCP)
A/V Input (Front) x 1 (RCA Pin)
A/V Input (Rear) x 3 (RCA Pin)
S-Video Input (Front) x 1
S-Video Input (Rear) x 2
S-Video Output (Rear) x 1
Component Input (Front) x 1
Component Input (Rear) x 2
D - Sub 15 Input (Front) x 1 (For PC Input)
Digital Audio Output (Rear) Yes (Optical)
i.LINK 2 Terminals
SR In/Output Yes (Out = SR+)
Display - No Speakers (W x H x D) W 50" x H 29" x D 3-7/8"
Display Weight 83lbs. 13oz.
Media Receiver (Width-Height-Depth) W 16-9/16" x H 3-9/19" x D 11-11/16"
Media Receiver Weight 12 lbs. 9 oz.
Parts and Labor 1 year/Residential applications only/ Image persistence is not covered