Series 3 Center Channel Loudspeaker

  • High Performance Materials
  • Compact Design
  • Curved Cabinet featuring ABD and AFAST Technology
  • Flush Grills
  • Phase Control Design


Suggested Price: $249.00

It is the center both in placement and in purpose. Introducing the Series 3 Center Channel Speaker from Pioneer.

In a home theater system, the center channel is where more than half of the soundtrack comes from, most critically the character dialogue. It is the pivotal component in keeping the sound anchored to the action appearing on the screen.

The new Pioneer S-31C-K takes seriously the job of getting you closer to the sound thanks to a higher level of engineering. For all forms of multi-channel entertainment, the S-31C-K is one of the most advanced center channel speakers in its class.


Passion Translated Into Sound

Pioneer has been the industry leader in audio design and engineering firsts for over 70 years. This heritage of passion for high-end audio represents everything we have learned about accurate sound reproduction.

Descendant of our revered EX speaker line, the S-31C-K incorporates some of our most advanced technology to deliver pristine sound:

Working with its unique cabinet construction, Pioneer’s exclusive ABD (Acoustic Balance Drive) and AFAST (Acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning) sound tuning technologies work with the driver and port placement in the cabinet to eliminate vertical standing waves, resulting in precise and dynamic bass with no low midrange coloration – ideal for the proper reproduction of movie dialogue.

Superior sound components, materials and technology all working in harmony towards the one purpose you desire most in an audio system: getting closer to your entertainment the way the artist or Director intended.


Thinking Out Of The Box

The SP-31C-K utilizes a curved cabinet design resulting in a reduction of standing sound waves inside the cabinet for high-performance and striking sound quality. Elegant flush speaker grills do a superior job of protecting the drivers.

The SP-31C-K. Genuine beauty in the service of exceptional audio reproduction.




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