Enjoy the sound that took 50 years of maturating whiskey to develop

  • Made from Oak Whiskey Barrels for Unique Mellow Sound
  • $598 for a Pair
  • Only Available on This Site

Suggested Price: $399.00

Our engineers found that solid oak wood from whiskey barrels had great acoustic properties. The wood from these barrels had a mature mellow tone that when flattened out made a great finished speaker. The speakers are made from oak that has spent approximately 50 years helping mature whiskey. This mature aged wood shows in the quality of sound and craftsmanship of the speaker.

These one of a kind speakers are only available in the United States exclusively through pioneerelectronics.com.

Read more about the process of developing these unique speakers.


Read Reviews:

  • CNET'S Review

    "The Pioneer S-A4SPT-PMs are special speakers. They sound wonderful on music and movies, and the whiskey-barrel wood finish is comparable with that of speakers selling for double or even triple the Pioneers' very reasonable price. We recommend them enthusiastically for discriminating listeners." Read Full Review


  • Electronic House's Review

    "It may seem like a gimmick, but Pioneer knows what they are doing. It's just funny that when you soak in whiskey, you get into fights. When wood soaks in whiskey, it produces rich sound. Go figure." Read Full Review


  • Audioholics's Review

    ""I'll have a pair of those Pioneer's, straight up!" That was my first thought when Pioneer asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of their Pure Malt Speakers, whose cabinets are made from 50 year old retired malt whiskey barrels. Apparently Pioneer has sold these speakers for years in Japan, and last year began to offer them for sale in the USA exclusively via their website. " Read Full Review


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