Enjoy the sound that took 50 years of maturating whiskey to develop

  • Made from Oak Whiskey Barrels for Unique Mellow Sound
  • $598 for a Pair
  • Only Available on This Site

Suggested Price: $399.00

Speakers: 10 cm cone woofer. 2.5 cm soft-dome type tweeter
Impedance 6 oms
Frequency Range: 60-40,000Hz
Sensitivity (1m/W): 84dB
Max. Power: 100W RMS
Crossover Frequency: 3,500HZ
Banana Plug ready, gold plated input terminals
Attached with two 2.5 meter long OFC Speaker Cables
Non-Slip bottom pad
Magnetic seal design to reduce electrical interference
Dimensions: 6” (W) x  9.7” (H) x  8.4” (D)
Weight: 8.4 lbs (one piece)