42'' Professional Plasma Display

  • 42" Diagonal / 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Pioneer Expansion Solutions card slot feature
  • High-end features for business applications
  • Improved user friendly features
  • Improved signal performance

2006 marks the debut of our newest 42" professional plasma, the PDP-425CMX. This panel is like no other, displaying brighter images and blacker blacks. The PDP-425CMX incorporates ACE IV (advanced continuous emission) technology which makes it highly efficient and gives you the best possible picture quality available. The PDP-425CMX is designed to ready for any type of professional installation with the integrator of two Expansion Solutions card slots, one for communication and one for advanced data. Whether you are choosing a plasma display for a lobby, conference room, point of information or public display, trust the leader in plasma technology and choose Pioneer.