• The improved True Matrix Imaging with deep encased cell structure provides the highest image quality resulting in a brightness that is 60% greater than Pioneer's previous models.
    [Cell Structure Comparison].
    [Pioneer Deep Encased Cell Structure Comparison].
  • New Pure Color Filter improves the ability to reject external light reflections, making the PDP-503CMX ideal for bright retail environments.
    [CIE Chromoaticity Coordinates].
  • Pioneer's plasma displays are the industry's first to receive the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certification and compliance.
  • Improved Advanced Continuous Emission Display Technology now with 10-bit signal processing. This improvements produces smooth, accurate low intensity images about 16 times better than other PDPs.
    [Gradation Reproduction in Low Brightness Range].
  • New features to reduce the chance of image burn-in include selectable image orbiting, inverse mode and selectable Power Control modes.
  • Power Management mode that reduces stand-by power consumption at 1W. This efficiency satisfies the standards of the international Energy Star Program.
  • The PDP-503CMX's Power Control mode reduces power consumption by 20% compared to the previous model, which achieves the lowest power consumption in the industry in the 50" plasma XGA class.
  • Expansion Slot Technology offers infinite flexibility, making the PDP-503CMX a future proof investment. Future boards could include, DVI, firewire, picture in picture, SDI and web browser.
  • Slim (less than 4" deep), lightweight (less than 86 lbs) design make it easy to mount in a wide range of installations and applications.
  • More than a 160º viewing angle.
  • Removable bezel for customization.
  • On-site service & support standard in the 1 year warranty.
  • Professional model comes standard with feet for table top usage.
  • Industrial model was built to run 24 x 7 x 365.
  • PC and MAC compatible.

Optional Accessories: