160 GB hard drive, 2 DVD writers, and an advanced menu creation feature

  • 160 GB hard disk drive
  • All encompassing authoring system
  • Ideal for video and post production

Description File Size
PRV-LX1 End-Of-Life Announcement 30 kb
PRV-LX1 Operating Instructions (after System Update to version 3.01/1.04) 29,586 kb  
PRV-LX1 Description of Changes for System Update 3.07/1.04 97 kb
PRV-LX1 Quick Start Guide 314 kb
PRV-LX1 Brochure 97 kb
PRV-LX1 General Specifications 73 kb
PRV-LX1 Update Procedure (for versions 3.01/1.04 or higher) 1,170 kb
PRV-LX1 RS-422A Command Protocol Manual 695 kb
PRV-LX1 IEEE-1394 Command Protocol Manual 536 kb
PRV-LX1 Menu Design & Maximum Character Restrictions 490 kb
PRV-LX1 Importing Menu Backgrounds & EDLs / Impurt Using a Network Connection 217 kb
PRV-LX1 EDL Command Structure and File Format Reference 115 kb
PRV-LX1 Recording Times / Audio-Video Encoding / Audio Rsolution Chart 36 kb
SUA750: UPS unit replacing SMART-UPS 700 (APS Brochure) 39 kb
Application Note # 190107: Setting Final Cut Pro via Firewire (IEEE-1394) for A/V Control 195 kb
Product Information Bulletin #190102: Return the PRV-LX1 to Factory Default Settings 232 kb
Product Information Bulletin #190103: How to Create A PRV-LX1 System Update CD 68 kb
Product Information Bulletin # 190105: Simultaneous Recording to Both the HDD nad to a DVD Disc 119 kb
Product Information Bulletin # 190108: Media Compatibility with the PRV-LX1 42 kb
Product Information Bulletin #190109: How to Export a Clip from the Hard Drive as a VOB File 292 kb
Product Information Bulletin # 190110: PRV-LX1 - DVD Writer Replacement 114 kb
Application Note # 190111: Sending a Project to the Hoei Precision DSR Duplicator for Multiple Copies 41 kb
Technical Information Bulletin #190112: PRV-LX1 General Maintenance 68 kb
Product Information Bulletin #190114: How to Duplicate DVDs Within the Unit 32 kb
PRV-LX1 Frequently Asked Questions 328 kb