Treat your ears to the audio perfection they crave with the SE-M380 European around-ear headphones, exclusively available in the US from Pioneer. With a newly redesigned bass duct, these lightweight headphones will encompass you with a broad range of crystal clear sound.

Ideal for travel, the office, and at home the SE-M380 headphones offer the highest quality and comfort that Pioneer is known for.

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"These headphones rock no matter what style of music!" - Abhijeet
(Rating: 4.5 Stars )


  1. The superb bass. Its not overwhelming, but just perfect. Works well with all types of music ranging from Nelly Furtado to Guns n Roses.
  2. The protection from outside noise it provides. It does a very good job, will even keep the TV out while sitting in the same room.
  3. Sound quality is superb, as expected. Their output is excellent, and I don't have to even turn up the volume beyond half way for the lightest of music.
  4. They are very light considering their size and construction.
  5. Very comfortable, don't press annoyingly into any part of your skull.


It does warm in there, but that's a price you pay for big headphones.

"They are pretty close to being the best headphones I've ever purchased" - Dinesh
(Rating: 5 Stars )

I like that they keep out the noise. I can listen quietly to my own tunes without being disturbed. The clarity of the sound is excellent. I listen to vocal only or vocal dominated music a lot, and these headphones make it a pleasure. Their light weight and comfortable feel are great for keeping them on for hours at a stretch. That, along with their noise muffling, makes them an excellent choice to watch DVDs on my laptop. They are pretty close to being the best headphones I've ever purchased.

"If you love good solid bass you will love these headphones" - Brian S.
(Rating: 5 Stars )

If you love good solid bass you will love these headphones. So I bought these for work because I was sick of having to keep my music down. Was a little skeptical about the "bass duct" thing but these headphones really perform. I listened to the same old music I always listened to but noticed whole new bass lines. The lows really came out and there is not any distortion.

The headphones are really lightweight. You forget they are there. Not as good for outdoor use as say a set of earbuds though, especially in the summer.

Great headphones for the price. Only true downside is they shut a lot of outside sound out and I cannot tell when someone is behind me in my cubile at work. Makes it hard to surf the net.

"A solid buy for a good price" - Mike P.
(Rating: 4 Stars )

I decided to try the Pioneer SE-M380 headphones with my Roland v-drums as my current sony pair was not cutting it. The Pioneer headphones had plenty of cord slack to not get in the way of playing (very important!), but not too much to make it a hassle to carry around with me. They isolated the sound well, so I barely heard any background noise. The lows and mids of the headphones had an excellent range and crisp sound, although they didn't seem as loud as others I have used. The one disappointment I had was the highs, these were not as clear and sometimes blended together at loud volume. All in all, for the price, these headphones are a winner.

"Great sound and very comfortable" - Mathias Janke
(Rating: 4 Stars )

Amazing sound with extremely strong and low bass tones. Very comfortable on the ear. I wore them for 3 hours and felt no discomfort. Another plus was long length of the cord. This came in handy, as I was able to be mobile throughout the room.

"Great Sound for the Money" - Jeff Hill
(Rating: 3.5 Stars )

As someone with a serious ADD problem, I have a really hard time both sitting still and not knowing what is going around me. These headphones definitely kept me planted in one place and oblivious to the external world. As I got used to this new experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of sound. It was much better than I expected. The bass is really clear and punchy.

They aren�t the coolest looking pair of headphones to look at but they aren�t offensive either, and I also like the fact that they are really lightweight and so they are really comfortable to wear. If Pioneer redesigns the look and made the cord a bit longer, I think they would be a definite winner.

If whatever activity you want to do suits type of headphone, they are great value for money.

"these are the best headphones at this price" - Dan D.
(Rating: 5 Stars )

these are the best headphones at this price. Superb bass ... superb mid and high sound ... the isolation is perfect

"Amazing!!!!" - Tom
(Rating: 5 Stars )

Amazing!!!! supurb sound on any product. ive used these on my hifi, ipod, pc and loads more and the sound is always crystal clear and thunderous bass

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