How can I confirm the crank sensor is detecting the magnets?

Follow the steps below to test the magnet placement.

1 Place the bicycle in a level place and mount it on something like a trainer.
Adjust the front wheel so that the front and back wheels are the same height.

2 Rotate the bicycle’s crank set at least three rotations to activate the left and right transmitters.
The sensor automatically enters a sleep state if it is still for five minutes.

3 Confirm that right and left transmitters are in the "Pedaling Monitor" mode.
By pressing the switch in the right transmitter for less than 2 seconds, the LEDs on the right transmitter will blink green.
After that, if the LEDs light green for 10 seconds, the sensor is set to pedaling monitor mode.

4 Press and hold down the switch on the right transmitter until it blinks red 3 times and release, this will take just over 5 seconds.
Once the LED flashes orange 3 times, and the sensor switches to the magnet calibration mode.
The sensor stays in the magnet calibration mode for 30 minutes after the LED flashes. If you do not finish calibrating the magnets within 30 minutes, switch the sensor to the magnet calibration mode again.
- If the left and right transmitters cannot communicate, the right transmitter's LED flashes red five times.
- If you briefly press the switch while in the magnet calibration mode, the left and right transmitter's LEDs flash orange 5 times, and the sensor exits the magnet calibration mode. The calibration data is lost when this happens.

5 Rotate the bicycle’s crank set slowly at about 30 rpm, and confirm that the LED’s for both crank arms light green for each rotation.
If the LED lights green, then the magnet sensors are correctly recognizing the magnets. Continue to the next step.
If the LED lights red, then you are turning the crank set too fast. Turn it slowly at about 30 rpm.
If the LED does not light, then the magnet sensors are not correctly recognizing the magnets. Refer to "Installing the Magnets" (page 9), and check if the magnets are installed in the correct positions.

6 Rotate the bicycle’s crank set at least four more rotations.
Confirm that the LED lights green for each rotation.

7 Press and hold the switch for 6 seconds and release, the LED will light green for approximately 10 seconds. This will take the system out of calibration mode

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