Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Pioneer "Bluetooth Adapter Ready" Receivers

  • Talk Hands-Free
  • Convenience to the Driver
  • Listen through Car Speaker System


The CD-BTB200 is designed to work only with Pioneer "Bluetooth Adapter Ready" Navigation systems, AV Receivers and CD Players. Bluetooth® Wireless Technology allows these Pioneer receivers to communicate automatically with and treat most compatible cellular phones as source devices within a given range. Simply set up a user ID, and you can make and take calls, use call waiting, talk, and hang up- all while your phone remains in your bag, purse or pocket.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology also allows you to place and receive calls. The included microphone eliminates the need for an additional hands-free kit installation. The result is the optimum in both convenience and driving safety.

Compatible  with many Pioneer "IP-Bus" systems using External Control.  Features and Operation are limited, however;  consult the owner's manual for more details.