Feel like watching the 6:00 news while your girlfriend finishes her shopping? Tune in with this basic AV master unit/tuner, connected to an optional display and a variety of Pioneer headunits and controllers- even a factory-installed stereo via the FM signal.) And if the wait is longer than you thought, you've got 24 channel pre-sets to select from.

  • Can Serve as a System Controller for Basic and OEM Applications, or as a Component of Full Visual Audio Systems and IP-Bus Headunits for TV Tuner Integration
  • NTSC VHF/UHF Compatible TV Tuner
  • 24-Station Presets (12 TV1/12 TV2)
  • TV Station Naming by Voice (with optional CD-VC60 Voice Commander)
  • RGB Output for Front Display (AVX-P7000CD, AVX-7000, AVX-505 or AVD-505 required)
  • RGB Input (for AVIC-505 Route-Guidance Navigation System or AVM-P7000R Visual Audio Controller)
  • Audio/Video Independent Selector for Front Display
  • 2 Audio/Video Inputs (RCA-Type, NTSC Video & L+R Audio) (for add-on Game Consoles, VCRs, and others)
  • Independent Video Selector for Rear Display
  • Audio/Video Output (RCA-Type, NTSC Video & L+R Audio) for Rear Display
  • IP(Interactive Pioneer)-Bus System Input/Output
    • TV Tuner Control by AVM-P7000R or selected Pioneer IP-Bus Headunits
    • Pass-Through for MCD Connection
  • FM Modulator (for connection to FM Stereo radio) featuring:
    • 12 Selectable Modulating Frequencies* (87.9 - 90.1 MHz, 0.2 MHz Steps)
    • 7 Selectable Modulation Levels*
  • Diversity Antenna Input (4 Channel) (optional AN-G3 Antenna available)
  • Wireless Slim Remote Control
  • Picture Adjustment (Color, Hue, Sharpness)