Measure your Car's Performance with a Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics Processor



Measure More of Your Car's Performance. The AVG-VDP1 is Pioneer's Solution for Performance-Minded Automobile Enthusiasts.
Most new vehicles come equipped with an in-dash speedometer and tachometer, but are they enough? The Pioneer AVG-VDP1 Vehicle Dynamics Processor takes car performance analytics to the next level. The unit detects a wide range of real-time vehicle performance data — including acceleration, lateral G-forces, estimated horsepower, and torque, in addition to speed and RPM. Additionally, the GPS locator provides current vector information, as well as current location by longitude, latitude, altitude, and distance to destination. The unit displays the results on a connected Pioneer Audio/Video monitor — with smart, full-color graphics that add style to the dashboard.

Six Graphic View Modes
The AVG-VDP1 displays vehicle performance information in sleek, full-color graphics that come in six different modes:

AVG Displays 1 - AnalogAnalog Mode
Shows the vehicle performance information with graphically presented analog instruments. Select from any vehicle performance setting for any of the three gauges.




AVG Displays 2 - Digital • Digital Mode
Shows a wide range of information with numbers and easy-to-follow scales — a sleek option that emphasizes the unit's high-tech attributes.




AVG Displays 3 - Cyber ModeCyber Mode
Displays a “computer simulation image” of vehicle — another clever option that permits intuitive comprehension of vehicle performance.




AVG Displays 5 - Vehicle StatusVehicle Status Mode
Your vehicle performance information is displayed with legible graphics. The graph shows RPM changes on time axis.




AVG Displays 4 - DesertVirtual Mode (Desert or Country)
The graphics resemble a “driver simulation” video game while keeping tabs on basic vehicle performance and current location.




AVG Displays 6 - Analog MenuCustomizable Graphics
Additionally, gauge background color, text color, and outside ring (bezel) color can all be customized to match your style or the interior of your vehicle. Choose from Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White and more.  Background textures like Carbon Fiber and Brushed Metal are also available.  No other system allows such flexibility!




Displayed Information:
• Vehicle Performance: Speed, R.P.M., Lateral G Force, Acceleration, Torque (estimate), Horse Power (estimate), Slope Angle, Angular Velocity, Battery Voltage
• Current Location: Longitude & Latitude, Altitude, Direction, Direction to Destination, Distance to Destination
• Other Information: Date, Time, ODO Meter, Trip Meter, Level Meter, My Record

Performance Recording
Record your performance for playback and review later.  When you turn recording on, the system records all of the input data (not just what is being shown in the current view).  Replay the data in any view mode, check out your performance at any point during the recording, and even compare different recordings.  Use the composite video output to download into a digital camera or VCR for playback anytime.

GPS Capability for off-Road Use
Features like latitude/longitude measurement and the GPS locator are especially helpful in off-road driving. The GPS locator can be set to a particular location, such as campsite, and to return to that location after a day of offroading, the driver merely has to select the designated location. An arrow on screen provides current location and linear distance to the destination. Return to the selected spot without ever getting lost!

Touch Panel Operation
The AVG-VDP1 permits touch panel operation in conjunction with Pioneer touch-screen Audio/Video displays with a 26-Pin RGB Input, including AVH-P6800DVD, AVH-P5700DVD, AVX-P8DVD and AVD-W6210 as well as older Pioneer models such as AVH-P7600DVD,  AVH-P7500DVD, AVH-P6600DVD, and AVH-P6500DVD. (Note:  Not compatible with Pioneer Navigation Systems, such as AVIC-Z1, AVIC-N3, AVIC-N2, AVIC-D2, AVIC-D1 or AVIC-N1)



Innovations 2k5The AVG-VDP1 was an Innovations Design and Engineering Award honoree at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show. The Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honor superior design and engineering among the year's most technologically advanced products in a wide range of consumer electronics categories.