Universal FM-Modulated 12-Disc Multi-CD System with Wireless Remote Control
  • 12-Disc Capacity
  • 8x Oversampling, 1-Bit D/A Converter
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for Optimum CD Tracking Performance
  • Ultra-Compact Size for Increased In-Car Installation Flexibility
  • Vertical/Horizontal/Angled Mounting Capabilities with Multiple Mounting Angles
  • "Double-Floating" Anti-Vibration System
  • High Speed Disc Load and Access
  • Built-In FM Modulator (for connection to FM Stereo radio) featuring:
  • Limiter Circuit for Less Tuner Distortion
  • Pre-Emphasis Circuit* (2-Mode High/Mid)
  • 12 Selectable Modulating Frequencies* (87.9 - 90.1 MHz, 0.2 MHz Steps)
  • 7 Selectable Modulation Levels*
  • Wireless Remote Control>
  • Independent Sensor/Display Unit with Surface and Flush Mounting Display
  • Uses the JD-1212S Magazine (One Included)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 10-1/4" x 3-3/4" x 6-3/4"

*Adjustable from Remote Control