Update your System by adding a FM Modulated 12-Disc Changer to your Stereo

  • FM Modulated Using Current Factory Stereo
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Wireless Remote Control


WE KNOW: you've got a factory-installed stereo but you want a Pioneer CD Changer. You're in luck. This 12-disc changer uses your stereo's FM signal to reproduce CD sound (playing CD Audio, CD-R, and CD-RW). The CDX-FM1287 has an 8x oversampling filter and a 1-bit D/A converter for superior audio. It comes with a remote control and a wired control/display unit that shows disc and track info, and it can be mounted in multiple angles (vertical, horizontal, etc.) to best suit your vehicle.

CD Player
  • 12
  • 100 Discs
  • 100 Discs
  • 12
  • Yes
  • Slim
  • JD1212S
  • 1 Year