Increase your Music Selection by adding a 6-Disc Changer

  • 8X Oversampling with 1 Bit D/A Converter
  • Clean Audio Quality


It's at least 6 times better than single CD. The CDX-P686 6-disc CD changer is compatible with many 2009 or previous Pioneer's "IP Bus" headunits, and plays 6 of your favorite CD's, CD-R's, and CD-RW's. It remembers and displays the name of the last 100 CD's it's played, as well as your special track programming. The CDX-P686 mounts in a variety of locations and angles in your vehicle, and you can control it via your Pioneer IP Bus headunit and remote. The Premier two-year warranty applies.

NOTE:  All 2010 model year CD Receivers, AV Receivers and Navigation Systems, and some 2009 models, are NOT compatible with any Pioneer CD Changer.  Please consult the headunit model's Owners Manual for compatibility.

CD Player
  • 6
  • 100 Discs
  • 100 Discs
  • Yes
  • JD612V
  • 2 Year