Customize the Sound in your Vehicle with a Universal Audio Processor

  • DSP Audio Processor with Auto EQ
  • Multi-Color EL Display
  • Detachable Face Security

Suggested Price: $500.00

Equalizer 3-Band Parametric
Presets 6 (Flat/Rock/Pop/Vocal/Hip Hop)
User Presets 4
Nuance Control Yes
Frequency Adjustment (31.5/50/80/125/200/315/500/800/1.3K/2k/3.2k/5k/8k/12.5k/20kHz)
Gain +/- 12dB
Space Controller/Display With compact hide-away sub-chassis for easy installation
Auto EQ Auto Frequency Response Calibration System 3 Curves Available (Dynamic/Natural/Mild) Omni-Directional Microphone (Included)
D/A Convertor 1 -Bit Legato Link
Electronic Controls Volume/Balance/Dual Amp Balancer (Fader)
Remote Control Ready yes
Multicolor Display With EL Backlighting
DSP Memory 3-Day
RCA Input Yes
RCA Outputs x3 Pair (Front/Rear & Subwoofer)
Detachable Face Security With Carry Case
Operation Modes 2 Selectable Modes (DSP/PRO)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 7 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/4"
Subwoofer LPF 50/63/80/100/125/160/200Hz, Level -24 to +6dB, Slope -18/-12-6dB
Listening Position Selector (4-Mode: Front Left/Front Right/Front/All)
Front and Rear HPF 50/80/125/200Hz, Level -24 to OdB, Slope -12/-6/OdB
5 - Mode Digital Sound Field Control (SFC) (Studio, Jazz Club, Concert, Club, Stadium)
Phase Switch For Subwoofer
Time Alignment (0-160", 0.5" Steps)
Listening Position Selector (4-Mode: Front Left/Front Right/Front/All)
High HPF 2.5k/3.15k/4k/5k/6.3k/8k/10kHz, Level -24 to OdB, Slope -18/-12/-6dB
Mid LPF 2.5k/3.15k/4k/5k/6.3k/8k/10kHz
Mid HPF 40/50/63/80/125/160Hz, Level -24 to 0dB, Slope -18/-12/-6dB
Low LPF 40/50/63/80/125/160Hz, Level -24 to +6dB, Slope -18/-12/-6dB
Phase Switch For High/Mid/Low