Navigation System Upgrade for Remote Control Navigation Systems

  • Easy to Install
  • Update Older AV/Navigation System
  • Quick to Update


Upgrade discs for Pioneer Remote Control Navigation Systems (not compatible with Pioner Navigation Systems with Touch-Panel Operation).  Includes database and feature upgrades equivalent to the AVIC-N1 and AVIC-88DVD.

Compatible with AVIC-80DVD, AVIC-90DVD and AVIC-9DVD when used with remote control displays such as:
AVD-W6210, AVH-P6400CD, AVH-P6400 and AVX-P7300DVD.
Note:  Not compatible for use with Pioneer Touch-Panel Navigation Systems.  CNDV-50MTP or CNDV-60MP is recommended for Touch-Panel systems.

Model Year 2004 TeleAtlas database on 2 DVD Discs featuring nearly 11 million Points of Interest (POI), plus US and Canada coverage (including Alaska and Hawaii).