Map Upgrade for AVIC-U250

Map Upgrade & Feature Enhancement

  • Easily update your old maps with the new 2013 Q4 release
  • Extend your map coverage by buying this as an additional map
  • Easy download and install with a free installer application



Get the Latest Map

Upgrade your Pioneer AVIC-U250 with the latest map data containing over 2.3 million POIs and 5.5 million miles of road for the United States, with signposts and lane information.    To purchase, please visit


The AVIC-U250 is compatible with the following Pioneer receivers:

2013: AVH-X8500BHS, AVH-X7500BT, AVH-X6500DVD, AVH-X5500BHS, AVH-X4500BT, AVH-X3500BHS, AVH-X2500BT, AVH-X1500DVD

2012: AVH-P8400BH, AVH-P4400BH, AVH-P3400BH, AVH-P2400BT, and AVH-P1400DVD

2011: AVH-P6300BT, AVH-P4300DVD, AVH-P3300BT, and AVH-2300DVD

2010: AVH-P5200BT, AVH-P5200DVD, AVH-P4200DVD, AVH-P3200BT, and AVH-P3200DVD