Connect and Listen with a Sirius Digital Satellite Radio Tuner

  • Listen to Sirius Radio (Subscription Required)
  • Use with Pioneer "SAT Radio Ready" Headunits
  • New Game Alert and Game Zone features


Sirius Satellite RadioStay Tuned to the Digital-Quality Sound On-board: SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Enjoy SIRIUS Satellite Radio on board! In conjunction with Pioneer “SAT Radio Ready” headunits, the SIR-PNR2 offers crisp, digital-quality sound from over 120 channels — including 65 channels for commercial-free music and more than 50 for sports (NFL, NBA, NHL games and others), news, and a wide array of entertainment programs.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio also boasts stable signal transmission to tuners. Three powerful SIRIUS satellites fly directly over the U.S. at high elevation angles, ensuring coast-to-coast coverage. The satellites' “clear line of sight” keeps drivers tuned to the selected channels without obstruction from buildings or trees.

The SIR-PNR2 is a SIRIUS Digital Satellite Tuner for use with Pioneer "SAT Radio Ready” Headunits and AV Receivers. Features IP-Bus Input and Output, Single-Pole Sirius Antenna included, and 1-year Warranty. New features for this model include:

  • Game Alert: Prompts when your favorite teams are playing at start of game and when scores
  • Game Zone: Lists your favorite teams' scores

Note: Check Owners Manual for feature compatibility.

Compatible with the following 2007 Pioneer models:

Previous Models with Full Sirius Control:

  • AVIC-Z1
  • DEH-P7800MP, DEH-P6800MP, DEH-P4800MP, DEH-P3800MP
  • DEH-P780MP, DEH-P680MP, DEH-P480MP

The following models can control the SIR-PNR2 through "External Unit Control", with some limitations in operation and display. Please consult the owners manual for more details.

  • 2006 Models: AVIC-N3, AVIC-D2, DEH-P5800MP, DEH-P580MP
  • Older Models: AVIC-N2, AVIC-N1, AVIC-D1, AVH-P7500DVD, AVH-P6600DVD, AVH-P5700DVD, DVH-P5000MP, DEH-P9600MP, DEH-P8600MP, DEH-P80MP, DEH-P7700MP, DEH-P6700MP, DEH-P4700MP, DEH-P3700MP, FH-P5000MP, FH-P4200MP, DEH-P77DH, DEH-P47DH, DEX-P9, DEH-P960MP, DEH-P860MP, DEH-P8MP, DEH-P770MP, DEH-P670MP, and DEH-P470MP

All 2005 and previous model year CD Players, A/V Receivers and Navigation Systems control the SIR-PNR2 through "External Unit" compatibility only. This includes 1-line, 8-character display and basic operation features. Consult the Owner's Manual for more details.


Note: SIRIUS Satellite Radio subscription required — service is available only in the 48 Continental U.S. states (not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories).  For more information on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, visit

  • Listen to Sirius Radio (Subscription Required)
  • Use with Pioneer "SAT Radio Ready" Headunits
  • New Game Alert and Game Zone features