iPod® Interface Adapter for Pioneer Headunits


Play and Control iPod® via Your Headunit
“iPod” is a lineup of digital audio players from Apple Computer, Inc. Despite the light weight and compact size — most iPods are pocket size — the Hard Disk Drive can hold up to 10,000 songs* downloaded from a computer. Pioneer's CD-IB100 iPod adapter permits direct control and playback of iPod through our “iPod® Adapter Ready” headunits. Compatible Pioneer headunits can be connected with an iPod via this dedicated adapter, and using the touch panel or soft keys, listeners can play iPod-recorded songs with the following convenient functions:

• Text Information Display
Song/album titles, artist names, and track length — memorized by connected iPod — are conveniently displayed on the monitor or headunit display. This capability also permits multiple “search” functions, making it a snap to find a song to play back.

• Multiple “Search” Functions
Just like looking for files stored on a PC, iPod-recorded songs may be sorted according to registered playlists, genres, artists, or albums to ensure easy access to each music file.

• Repeat Playback
The Repeat Playback function offers two options — repeat playing of a particular song or playback of all tunes from a specified playlist.

• “Shuffle Songs” Function for Random Playback
Everybody's favorite option for mixing things up, Shuffle Songs randomly plays the songs in the iPod music library. Every song is a pleasant surprise, and the more files that are stored in the iPod, the greater the surprise.

*When files in 128kbps AAC format are recorded in a 40GB Hard Disk.

For use with Pioneer “iPod® Adapter Ready” Headunits and AV Receivers. Compatible models include:
• Full Touch-Panel Control models:  AVIC-Z1, AVIC-N3, AVH-P6800DVD, AVH-P5700DVD
• Full Rotary Commander Control models:  DEH-P9800BT, DEH-P980BT, DEH-P880PRS, DEH-P7800MP, DEH-P780MP, DEH-P6800MP, DEH-P680MP

The following models can control the CD-IB100 through "External Unit Control", with some limitations in operation and display.  Please consult the owners manual for more details.
• DEH-P5800MP, DEH-P580MP, DEH-P4800MP, DEH-P480MP, DEH-P3800MP
• DEH-P9600MP, DEH-P8600MP, DEH-P80MP, DEH-P7700MP, DEH-P6700MP, DEH-P4700MP, DEH-P3700MP, FH-P5000MP, FH-P4200MP, DEH-P77DH, DEH-P47DH
• DEX-P9, DEH-P960MP, DEH-P860MP, DEH-P8MP, DEH-P770MP, DEH-P670MP, and DEH-P470MP
• “External Unit” Compatibility with many additional Pioneer Headunit and AV Receiver models.

Compatible with iPod models featuring Dock Connector