12" Shallow Sealed Enclosure for Behind-Seat Use

  • Fits 12" Shallow Subwoofers
  • Star-Graphite Thermofoil Front Panel
  • Black Exterior Auto Upholstery


Complementing the amazing capability of our 12" Shallow Subwoofers, this enclosure provides the optimum inner air volume for truly full-size woofer performance.

Designed to take up a minimum of space, the enclosure fits neatly behind the rear seat of many pickup trucks or in the cargo area of an SUV.  The space between the cab and the seat was originally intended as a quick place to stash things like coats, spare tire jack and emergency equipment such as flares and flashlights. The UD-SW12B Subwoofer Enclosure is designed to easily fit in this small space. Despite the compact spacing, the this woofer and enclosure combination performs like a full-size subwoofer delivering tight, clear bass you can feel.  See the Documents tab for dimensions.

The high-quality construction features sturdy 3/4" MDF and includes internal bracing for strength and bass clarity. The exterior is black auto upholstery with a star-graphite thermofoil front panel.  Heavy-duty gold binding posts make connection a snap.

Compatible with the following shallow subwoofers:  TS-SW3001D4; TS-SW3001D2; TS-SW1201D4; TS-SW1201D2; and older models TS-SW3041D; TS-SW1241D.

Note:  Subwoofer not included, sold separately