ICEpower Amplifier Technology

In the car audio world, ICEpower technology provides enough power to satisfy many music lovers. Don’t stop reading!  We know you think amplifiers are only for car audio enthusiasts who want to pound the bass hard enough for everyone else on the freeway to hear.  Not so!  The goal of a precise sounding amplifier is to amplify the music signal cleanly – free of distortion and unwanted noise.

Pioneer’s newest Class D amps do this using an exclusive ICEpower circuit.  ICEpower takes the amplified signal and compares it with the original input signal, compensating for any variance while it suppresses distortion.  It also counteracts any imperfections from power supplies.  The result: impressive quality audio!  The bass is tight with less lag effect and the mids and highs are crisp and airy.

Considering how often you update your music collection, isn’t it also time to upgrade the system that delivers those rocking and smooth sounds?  Don’t be complacent.  Don’t fall into the trap of sticking with what you’ve got when you know better is within your grasp. 

Don’t be a Drag

Some people worry that an amplifier will take up a lot of space or just generally be a drag on their car’s performance.  No worries, even your imported compact car is big enough to add an amplifier without eliminating all your trunk space.  Pioneer amps with ICEpower circuits are efficient machines: small with a big output. They don’t require a bulky heatsink to dissipate heat, which allows for a more compact design without compromising audio performance.  You don’t need a big system to get big sound!  There’s less draw on the alternator and less strain on the battery, which means more sound for you.

An awesome sound system should not come at the sacrifice of space or vehicle performance. Upgrade your in-car audio system and get the clear ICEpower sound experience you deserve!


“ICEpower” is a registered trademark of Bang and Olufsen Holding.