Premier PRS Mono Class D Amplifier with 1200 Watts Max. Power

  • 600 Watts Continuous Power
  • Variable Crossover (40~240Hz, LPF)
  • Selectable Bass Boost with Wired Bass Remote


2006 CEA Compliant

CEA2006 Specifications:

  • 400 Watts x 1, at 4 ohms <= 1% THD+N
  • 600 Watts x 1, at 2 ohms <= 1% THD+N, at 100Hz
  • 66 dBA Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Reference: 1 Watt Output)

Rock the House with Premier PRS Amplifiers
Round out your PRS system with the Premier PRS-D1000M, designed to complement the new PRS-D4000F and PRS-D2000T amplifiers. Drive your subwoofers with authority with this powerful and clean-sounding amplifier.

Externally Bridgeable
The units are externally bridgeable and permit two separate amplifiers to be joined together as one, doubling the power to a single woofer or voice coil. Best of all, no special cable is required - a simple RCA cable and proper setting of the Sync mode will get this.

Multi-Amplifier Synchronization System (MASS)
Pioneer's proprietary Multi-Amplifier Synchronization System (MASS) technology allows one amplifier (the master) to control the settings of other amplifiers when two or more amps are “strapped” together. Especially important for multi-amplified systems, this powerful Pioneer technology eliminates the need to adjust each amplifier gain separately.

Variable Crossover (40~240Hz, LPF)
For added flexibility, the variable crossover lets you set the levels at which higher-frequency signals will be filtered out, so that the remaining lower-frequency signals get sent to your sub(s). Where they belong. This optimizes your system's efficiency and delivers the best possible sound quality. You can adjust it continuously between 40 to 240Hz.

Amplifier Wired RemoteSelectable Bass Boost with Wired Bass Remote
So you're in the driver's seat going 65mph and you want to fine-tune the bass boost. But the amp's out of reach, way in the back. What are you supposed to do — pull over, get out, and run around to the trunk? That's why the PRS-D1000M comes with a wired bass remote. It's set at 50Hz, ideal for tuning in some more thump from your subwoofers. And because this is selectable bass boost, you can set the level at 0dB, 6dB, or 12dB, whichever sounds best to you.

Subsonic Filter
The subsonic filter lets you remove power-robbing frequencies below the tuning of your subwoofer/enclosure. The subsonic is set at 20Hz with a steep 18dB/Octave rolloff for optimal effect.

Speaker Level Inputs
What, you DON'T own a Pioneer headunit? Well, we won't hold it against you. In fact we'll even help you build onto your system. The PRS-D1000M's speaker level inputs allow you to connect your OEM unit (or any unit that doesn't have the typical RCA-type inputs) without having to buy add-on adapters.

PremierPremier® Two-Year Warranty
The warranty on this model is two years — double the warranty period of typical models currently on the market.

  • 1200 Watts
  • 1
  • 2~8 Ohm
  • 400 Watts x 1
  • 600 Watts x 1
  • 12" x 2-1/4" x 8"
  • 1
  • 2 Channel (Gold Plated)
  • Yes
  • Hi-Volt (400mV-6.5V)
  • LPF
  • 40~240Hz, -18dB/Oct.
  • 50Hz, 0/6/9/12dB, with Remote
  • 2 Year
CEA 2006 Specifications
  • 600 Watts x 1
  • 66 dBA
  • 400 Watts x 1