Universal Sound Processor for integrating factory installed head units (OE sources) with aftermarket amplifiers and speakers

  • Smartphone controlled via the Pioneer Sound Tune app for touchscreen system setting and control1
  • 48-bit dual-core DSP-based signal processing and pre-set EQ correction
  • Stereo high level / low level inputs for integration flexibility
  • Hi-Volt RCA Preouts x 3 (4v) + MOSFET 50W x 4 internal amplifier

pre-set equalization (EQ) diagram

Upgrade to uncompromised sound

Embedded, pre-set equalization (EQ) is often used in original equipment (OE) audio systems to acoustically match the head unit to the capabilities of the speakers. Originally limited to luxury vehicles with expensive, optional audio packages, the use of pre-set EQ is now found in most cars and trucks sold during the last decade and even base model, budget tier vehicles with basic audio systems.

A pre-set EQ curve is designed to maximize the perceived quality of sound while also minimizing the power handling and frequency response limitations of the original system by modifying the levels of bass, midrange and treble that is output through the OE speakers. Although the pre-set EQ compromises the accuracy of the original signal, for the consumer that is satisfied with their OE audio system, this compromise is a beneficial feature that makes the system more reliable and better sounding when compared to a factory installed system without it.

Traditionally, if you weren’t satisfied and wanted better sound, the first step was to upgrade and replace the factory installed head unit and original speakers. However, many newer vehicles integrate the climate controls and rear visibility systems into the original head unit, making its removal difficult or impossible. For these vehicles, upgrading the original speakers or adding a high performance amplifier or subwoofer system is still possible, but unless the pre-set EQ is corrected by reversing its affects, the overall performance of the system will be compromised or limited.

The DEQ-S1000A is an innovative approach to overcome the effects of an OE audio system’s pre-set EQ. Featuring both high level and low level inputs plus DSP-based OE pre-set EQ cancellation, the DEQ-S1000A is unique in how it leverages Pioneer’s software expertise and smartphone integration experience to harness the processing power and touchscreen user interface of a connected iPhone or Android2 smartphone. This advanced design improves performance and ease of use while minimizing the need for ultra high-cost components. Pioneer engineers have also implemented advanced post-correction sound controls like a 31-band touch EQ, digital time alignment, 3-way digital network with subwoofer control, hi-volt preamp outputs, an internal MOSFET 50W x4 amplifier and more to provide expanded system flexibility and control.

Pioneer DEQ-S1000A connects to your smartphone app

Using the Sound Tune App to customize your setup

The Pioneer DEQ-S1000A connects to your smartphone and Pioneer’s Sound Tune app to perform the advanced calculations needed to digitally analyze and correct the factory pre-set equalization and provide a touchscreen interface for simple, intuitive controls. Download the Pioneer Sound Tune app free of charge.

(Pioneer Sound Tune app required for product operation.)


Pioneer Sound Tune App   Pioneer Sound Tune App

1Smartphone and Pioneer's SoundTune app are required for use. Smartphone not included.

2May not be compatible with Android phones depending on connection method. With some Android devices, AOA connection may not be available. In that case, connect via OTG. OTG connection requires a third-party USB cable (both USB Type-A Male to Type-A Male Cable and USB OTG Host Cable), sold separately.

Main Features
  • 1
  • 4 x 50 W
  • 10Hz to 20kHz
  • 105dB
  • 10A
  • 6-3/4" x 1-5/8" x 3-3/4"
  • 1lb 4.8oz
Apple Compatibility
  • Battery Charging, Music Playback
Android Compatibility
  • 13-Band Graphical EQ, (31-Band with Pioneer Smart Tune app)
  • 50 W x 4 Amplifier
  • 3-Way Network Mode
  • 3 (4V)
  • High Level/Low Level
  • 2
  • Exclusive Designed Audio Parts.
  • Included
Date Description
Nov 12, 2018
DEQ-S1000A Calibration File
Version v1.0
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