In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA/WAV Receiver with OEL Display


This feature-rich CD Receiver is compatible with CDs and CD-R/-RWs, and will playback all your MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio) and even WAV files that you record to disk.  It also features Pioneer’s new BMX (Bit Media EX) Digital Compression, which improves the sound field and sonic depth of WMA and MP3 files.  The super-bright OEL (Organic Electroluminescent) display is easy to read even in direct sunlight, and will display 16 characters of text at once—plus auto-scroll the rest.  Tag compatibility includes both WMA and ID3 (versions 1 and 2), up to 64 characters in length.

The OEL display displays amazing 3D graphics and animations, or you can select the Soft Key Operation mode for a clean design and easy-to-find function buttons. The DEH-P7600MP doesn’t skimp on features—it has MOSFET50, a 3-Band Parametric EQ, high and low-pass crossovers, three RCA preouts, Supertuner® IIID™, and tons more.  The flap face is detachable for added security, and a slim, card-type remote is provided. Plus, it’s XM Radio ready.

Supertuner (AM/FM Radio)
  • Supertuner IIID
CD Player
  • 16-Bit
  • CD Text
Additional System Expandability
  • CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 required
  • 2
Display Features
  • Organic EL (OEL)
  • 128x32 + 24x32 (Blue + White)
  • 2 (Star Racer, Lost Shipwreck)
  • 4
  • 2
Audio Features
  • MOSFET 50W x 4
  • EEQ (3-band Parametric)
  • 5
  • 2
  • 3 Mode
  • Two-Way Crossover
  • 50/80/125Hz, -12dB/Oct.
  • 50/80/125Hz, -18dB/Oct., +/-12dB
  • 3 pair (Front, Rear, Sub or Non-Fading)
  • 2V, 100 Ohm
General Features
  • Card
  • 1 Year