Why don't I get multiple lines of RDS information on my stereo?

The Radio Data System (RDS) information is transmitted by the radio stations. Our car stereos decode the RDS information and display the data as it is received.
The Pioneer stereos are designed to receive up to 3 lines of RDS information.
One example of the transmission could be:
Line 1 - Station identification
Line 2 - Artist name
Line 3 - Song title

Not all radio stations transmit 3 separate lines of RDS information with their broadcasts, instead they may decide to transmit just a single line of data.
When this occurs, the stereo will display the first line of data with the following 2 lines showing "No Data" or "No Title". As the stereo simply displays the available RDS information as it comes in, there is no setting adjustment available to prevent the 2nd or 3rd lines of RDS information from being displayed.

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