Android media playback and control not working for newer USB Type-C phones (including Pixel) ?

Applicable models: The following Pioneer in-dash receivers featuring Android media playback and control via AOA and/or MTP:

DEH-X8800BHS, DEH-X7800BHS, DEH-X6800BS, DEH-X6800BT, DEH-X5800HD, DEH-X4800BT, DEH-X3800S, DEH-X3800UI, DEH-X2800UI, DEH-X1810UB, DEH-X6900BT, DEH-X4900BT, DEH-X3900BT, DEH-X3910BT, DEH-X2900UI, DEH-X1900UB, DEH-X1910UB, FH-X830BHS, FH-X730BS, FH-X731BT, FH-X520UI, MVH-X580BS, MVH-X380BT, MVH-X381BT, MVH-X390BT, MVH-290BT, MVH-291BT, AVH-X491BHS, AVH-X490BS, AVH-X391BHS, AVH-X390BS, AVH-X7800BT, AVH-X6800DVD, AVH-X5800BHS, AVH-X4800BS, AVH-X3800BHS, AVH-X2800BS, AVH-X1800S, AVIC-8200NEX, AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7200NEX, AVIC-7100NEX, AVIC-4200NEX, AVIC-4100NEX


Pioneer has identified a connectivity issue between newer phones using USB Type-C (Nexus, Pixel, etc.) and Android media playback and control compatible Pioneer in-dash receivers when used with a non-certified or non-compliant USB Type-C cable or USB Type-C extension cable.

If you are experiencing this connectivity issue, we recommend directly connecting the Pioneer in-dash receiver to the phone using only a certified USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, preferably under 3 ft. in length.

Note: Connecting the Pioneer in-dash receiver to the phone using Original Equipment (OE) USB ports, found in some vehicles, can produce connectivity issues and is not recommended.

Please see below for a list of certified USB Type-A to USB Type-C cables that have been recommended for this use by Google for use (November 2016).




Manufacturer Product Description Length (ft.)
F-Color Type C Cable, 6.6ft Long F-Color™ Braided Reversible Charger 6.6
Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type C (USB-C) to Type A(USB-A) 3.3
YooTech USB Type C Cable, Yoozon® 3.3ft/1m USB 2.0 Type C to Type A (USB-C to USB-A) Cable 3.3
Rachan T Enterprise USB Type C cable (USB-C) to USB3.0 Type A: TRUE CURRENT Aluminum shell and Braid Shield cable Reversible 3.3
Nekteck Direct Nekteck USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) to USB Type A USB 3.0 Male Data & Charging Cable 3.3
FRiEQ FRiEQ Hi-speed USB 3.1 Type C Cable - 3.3ft/1m - Micro USB 3.1 Type C Male to Standard Type A USB 3.0 Male Data Cable 3.3
Belkin 2.0 USB-A to USB Type C (USB-C) Charge Cable 6
iOrange-E Braided Cable with Reversible Connector 6.6

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