How can I create a custom Point of Interest (POI)?

To create a custom POI, follow the steps below:

1. On a computer, download and install the Google Earth and AVC FEEDS computer programs (available free of charge at <> and <>).
2. Launch Google Earth.
3. On the left side of the screen, within the "Places" section, you will see "My Places". Right click on "My Places", move the mouse over "Add", and then click on "Folder". Type in the name you wish to call the new folder. For this example; "Thrift Store".
4. In the search field, at the top left corner of the program, enter your search criteria. For example: "Thrift stores near Long Beach CA". Google Earth will now provide results for Thrift stores near Long Beach California.
5. Right click on a location. Select "Save to My Places".
6. You will see the location appear in the "My Places" section on the right. Drag this location into the new folder you created, "Thrift Store".
7. You can drag and drop any additional places of interest into the "Thrift Store" folder without having to perform the "Save to My Places" step.
8. Once you have all the locations you want within the "Thrift Store" folder, right click on the folder and select "Save Place As". You will be provided the option to name the file and the location of the file. You will need to change the "Save as type" drop down to KML (*kml). Once you know where the file is stored and it is properly named, click on "Save".
9. Close out Google Earth and launch the AVIC FEEDS program.
10. Click on Menu, upper right corner, and select "Select Hardware". You need to select the model number of your Navigational unit. If prompted, you will need to restart the program.
11. Click on "POI Creator".
12. Click on "From KML File". You will be prompted to locate the .kml file you saved with the Google Earth program.
13. The AVIC FEEDS program will populate the POIs from Google Earth.
14. Load an SD or Micro-SD card into the computer.
15. Click on the "Save to SD" icon.
16. Highlight the proper drive location and click on "OK". The program will say "Save Complete", click "OK".
17. Close out the AVIC FEEDS program.
18. Properly eject the SD or Micro-SD card from the computer.
19. Insert the SD or Micro-SD card into your Pioneer Navigational unit.
20. Press the Destination icon.
21. Select the AVIC FEEDS icon.
22. You can select which POI you would like to navigate to, from the list you created.

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