• 400 Watts Nominal Power
  • 4-Ohm Single Voice Coil (C) or Dual Voice Coil (DVC)
  • Recommended Enclosure Use: 0.85 ~ 1.75 Cubic Feet


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The Premier TS-W126C and TS-W126DVC are also available.

These two powerhouse subs feature an all-new design, with cone reinforcement arcs and an inverted dustcap, for improved cone rigidity. Each has 1,000 watts max. power, up from 800 watts last year. For extraordinary performance, the cones are made of Pioneer's IMPP with aramid fiber, and we've used a dual mass magnet assembly for higher magnetic force — and more power. The wire terminals are spring-loaded and can take up to 8-gauge wire. The TS-W306DVC is the dual voice coil version of this model.

IMPP with aramid fiber Cone
Pioneer is the world's largest car speaker manufacturer, and our work in advanced materials and manufacturing processes has led to major breakthroughs in mobile audio. One of these was IMPP (Injection-Molded Polypropylene), which allowed cones to be lighter AND more rigid. Now we've combined this with Aramid fiber, a material used in the manufacture of bulletproof products. This combination produces a cone that's incredibly strong, very light, and very rigid. In other words, it's perfect for a high-performance subwoofer.

3-Layer Radial Surround
A sub's surround plays a key role in its overall performance. In order for bass response to be clear and tight, the surround has to respond evenly around its entire circumference without flexing or puckering, even at high volume levels. That's why Pioneer created a surround consisting of two layers of urethane, with a layer of interwoven fiber between them. It's strong, stable, and it reduces distortion.

Dual Mass Magnet with Magnet Cover
It's simple, really. Follow us here: to accurately drive and control its voice coil, a speaker needs a magnet and a pole yoke, to create magnetic force. The bigger or denser the magnet, the greater the magnetic force. The greater the magnetic force, the greater the power and control that's exerted over the voice coil. To make this happen in a big way, we use a Dual Mass Magnet assembly (weighing in at 83oz.) to significantly increase the magnetic force. SO, you get bigger and more accurate music. And yes, we even included a magnet cover.

Aluminum Voice Coil
Aluminum happens to be an excellent material for use in voice coils. It conducts heat so the voice coil can cool. And its light weight allows the voice coil to do its work — creating a magnetic field — as efficiently as possible.

Spring-Compression Binding Posts
Why do we use Spring-Compression Binding Posts, instead of standard speaker wire terminals? So your speaker wire NEVER shakes loose due to vibration (either from the road or from your music). When you insert the wire, the connector keeps a constant pressure on it. And it won't let go. These binding posts will accept wire as large as 8-gauge.

Dual Voice Coil (TS-W306DVC only)
TS-W306DVC provides two voice coils, each at 4 ohms. This design offers you the flexibility of turning the TS-W306DVC into either a 2-ohm sub (voice coils connected in parallel) or an 8-ohm sub (connected in a series). So you can use a low-impedance amp to produce much bigger, much more powerful bass. More options, more power: that's what DVC is all about.


  • 12"
  • Composite IMPP Cone using Interlaced Aramid Fiber
  • Cone Reinforcement Arcs
  • Wide Roll, Three-Layer Fiber Woven Radial
  • 4-Layer, Long Voice Coil
  • Polyester-Imide Resin Coated
  • 12 Slit Aluminum
  • Conex
  • Yes
  • Standard
  • Double Mass High-Power
  • Stamped Basket with Magnet Cover
  • Molded
  • Spring-Compression
  • 1000 Watts
  • 400 Watts
  • 18 ~ 500Hz
  • 89dB
  • SVC:4, DVC: 2 or 8
  • 0.85 ~ 1.75 Cubic Feet
  • 13" x 7"
  • 6-1/4"
  • UD-G306 Available