Compact active subwoofer

  • Aluminum Cone Designed for Compact Body
  • Built-In 160 Watts Output Class-D Amplifier
  • Digital Bass Control (Selectable Bass Mode: Deep or Dynamic)
  • Wired Remote Control (Gain, LPF, Phase, Bass Mode)

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Powerful Amplified Subwoofer

Combines a built-in 160-watt Class D amplifier, aluminum cone specially designed acoustic suspension enclosure, and Digital Bass Control, a technology developed by Pioneer to tailor frequency response and increase the performance, is compact while producing deep, powerful bass.

Digital Bass Control

Digital Bass Control provides two selectable listening modes, Deep and Dynamic, enhancing system optimization and tuning the output to complement various musical styles and vehicle types.

Installation Flexibility

Extremely compact, measuring 11 inches x 7-7/8 inches with a height of only 2-3/4 inches, and is designed to be installed in various small, tight spaces. With the ability to fit under seats, behind seats or inside small storage compartments, the features a wide range of vehicle applications.

  • 8" x 5-1/4" Cone
  • 160 W (50W)
  • Aluminum
  • Urethane
  • DEEP: 20Hz to 200Hz / DYNAMIC: 40Hz to 160Hz
  • DEEP: 95dB / DYNAMIC: 100dB
  • 1yr
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