Premier 12" Competition SPL Component Subwoofer

  • 2000 Watts Nominal Power
  • Interlaced Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone Woofer
  • Dual Voice Coil Design


12" Competition SPL Subwoofer.  Quite possibly the world's most powerful subwoofer.

Pioneer engineers developed the TS-W5000SPL from the ground up with a no-holds-barred approach.  The project focused the talents of the world's largest speaker manufacturer and resulted in a history-making product.  The TS-W5000SPL is designed to do it all.  Be it earth-moving, competition-pounding power or the baddest bass beat your friends ever heard, this subwoofer is master and commander.

To demonstrate the performance of the Premier subwoofers, Pioneer teamed up with Scott Owens of Edge Audio (Phoenix, AZ) to create the ultimate SPL (Sound Pressure Level) competition vehicle. 18 months of building, testing, rebuilding, and competing later, the Pioneer/Edge Audio Ford F-250 made its dB Drag Racing World Finals debut in October 2003. The rest is history, as the truck shattered records and the competition on its way to becoming World Champion and 2003 Deathmatch Champion.  Scott backed up this outstanding debut with a second consecutive Deathmatch championship at the 2004 dB Drag Racing World Finals.

Interlaced Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone*
The cone of the TS-W5000SPL features a patent-pending design that combines long carbon fibers into a proprietary blend. The strong, lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber render a robust IMPP cone capable of withstanding the enormous pressure levels the speaker is capable of generating.

aramid fiber Reinforced Rubber Radial Surround*
When a subwoofer is working overtime, the cone exhibits dramatic movement that must be controlled appropriately without compromising the actual sound quality. The same material used in bullet-proof vests, aramid fiber is woven into the rubber surround producing a superior material that eliminates puckering and improves highpower performance.The overhung design allows for a 22% larger cone surface which translates to even more sound pressure.

Ceramic-Coated Voice Coil Wire*
The TS-W5000SPL’s voice coil wire is coated with ceramic, which allows it to handle extreme heat. This doubles the input power handling capability and significantly improves reliability. This technology is proven, with consecutive dB Drag Racing DeathMatch competition wins at the 2003 and 2004 dB Drag Racing World Finals!

Aero-Dynamic Magnetic Gap (ADMG)
As a speaker operates, the movement generated between the top and back plates is subject to resistance, both mechanical and air pressure. To reduce this resistance, strategic channels are precisely machined into the top and back plates. This effectively reduced physical resistance by more than 10% and thus reduced power waste making the speaker even stronger.

Triple-Stack Magnet Assembly
To build the most powerful subwoofer in the world you need power. Twenty pounds of it! Three gigantic ferrite magnets are combined with an extra-large top and back plate to create a motor with enough force to exceed 170+ dB.

Cast Aluminum Basket
Designed from scratch by Pioneer, this one-piece aluminum basket assembly holds the motor assembly, cone, and magnet structure securely in place. The benefits of this design: reduced internal stress, superior damping, and increased magnetic efficiency.

Dual Voice Coil
TS-W5000SPL uses two voice coils, each at 4 ohms. This design offers you the flexibility of turning it into either a 2-ohm sub (voice coils connected in parallel), an 8-ohm sub (connected in a series), or powering the voice coils separately (dual 4 ohm loads). More options, more power: that’s what DVC is all about.

The available UD-W12 SPL Optimized Ported Enclosure is the perfect complement for the TS-W5000SPL subwoofer.  It features a ported design that provides optimum performance and delivers tight, thunderous bass output.

* Patent-Pending Feature


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UPDATE:  New 2004 World Record in the Extreme 5+ class (173.0dB).  Read all about the event here!

Winner and World Record holder of 2003 dB Drag Racing Finals (Extreme 9+ class), and winner of the Deathmatch Competition at the same event.  See more information about the dB Drag Racing World Record here.


  • 12"
  • Interlaced Carbon Fiber Reinforced IMPP Cone Woofer
  • Wide-Roll 3-Layer aramid fiber Woven Radial with Honeycomb Cloth
  • High Inductance, 4-Layer, Long Voice Coil
  • Ceramic Coated
  • 7-Slit Glass Imide Voice Coil Bobbin
  • Conex Damper
  • Yes
  • Thick 1.2" (30mm)
  • Massive Triple Stacked (320 oz.)
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Rigid Chassis
  • (None)
  • 8-Gauge Wire Terminal
  • 5000 Watts
  • 2000 Watts
  • 18Hz ~ 2kHz
  • 88dB
  • DVC (2ohm or 8ohm)
  • 1.5 Cubic Feet