AVICSYNC provides the ability to access subscription-based services, from an application on a connected smartphone, using the touchscreen display of the navigation receiver in the dash. With a connected smartphone, users can experience a simplified interface for accessing live traffic updates, local POI searches, weather, local gas prices and parking availability and prices.

Back to Car

The smartphone app records the last coordinates at which it was connected to the receiver as the car was being driven, which is useful in case you forgot where you parked your car. (but please rembmer which level!)

Last Mile Navigations

After disconnecting the smartphone from the navigation receiver, the smartphone app will tell you how to walk to your destination from the car.

Data Synchronization

Data synchronization keeps navigation-related data such as planned routes, history, favorites, and saved routes in sync between the smartphone and the receiver, each time they are connected.

You can purchase an online service package through the in-app shop to expand navigation functionality.

Online Search

Using the Online Search feature, search for the latest online information based on the HERE database for local points of interests.

Online Weather

For convenient traveling, check on weather, temperature and wind conditions forecasted at your destination and along the route from the touchscreen display of the receiver.

Online Traffic

Live traffic information with broad road coverage from Traffic by TomTom provides real-time traffic for faster route planning.

Online Fuel Prices

This feature shows the available gas station locations around your current position and along the route to your destination and provides information on fuel pricing and distance to fuel stations from your current location.

Online Parking
Availability & Price

Searching for parking using the Online Parking feature makes it easy to locate available parking from your current position. Additional details such as pricing and availability are provided where available.





iPhone 4 OS Ver. 6.x, iPhone 4s OS Ver. 7.x/8.x, iPhone 5/5s/5c OS Ver. 7.x, 8.x, iPhone 6/6 plus OS Ver. 8.x



Galaxy Grand Prime OS Ver. 4.4.4, Galaxy S2 OS Ver. 4.1.2, Galaxy S3 OS Ver. 4.1.2/4.3, Galaxy S4 OS Ver. 4.2.2/4.4.2, Galaxy S5 OS Ver. 4.0.3, Galaxy S6 OS Ver. 5.0.2, Galaxy Note II OS Ver. 4.1.1, Galaxy Note III OS Ver. 4.4.2. Galaxy Tab 2 OS Ver. 4.0.3, Galaxy Tab 3 OS Ver. 4.2.2



LG Nexus 5 OS Ver. 4.4.2/4.4.4/5.0



Nexus 7 (2013) OS Ver. 4.3



Moto G OS Ver. 4.4.4


2015 NEX Receivers Compatible with AVICSYNC






2014 NEX Receivers Compatible with AVICSYNC






1. For a stable data transfer when initializing AVICSYNC, connect the phone to the receiver via a USB connection.
2. Your "Home" and "Work" locations on your NEX Navigation Unit should transfer to the AVICSYNC App upon initialization. If the locations do not transfer, please enter them on the AVICSYNC App.